During my guests’ stay

Should I remain availabe during my guests’ stay?

Yes, availability is important. Think of emergencies, such as a leak or other sudden inconvenience.
When you cannot be reached, ensure that there is a replacement contact person. That person should also have a house key.

When someone else is to act as contact person, remember to also tell CityMundo.

How will guests know how to treat my possessions?

Most convenient is you write the salient details on one or two sheets of A-4, remember particularly:

-wifi code
-rubbish for collection outside, when and where
-fuse box
-operation central heating thermostat / gas boiler / geyser / telephone numbers (contact person, neighbours, police, medical assistance) / details on locking up the house / consideration for the neighbours /on a boat: operating the pump / escape routes

You can leave the appropriate instructions with individual appliances.

Is my accommodation safe for guests?

Your guests are unfamiliar with your house. It’s worth therefore checking for safety beforehand.

Take account in this of the following points:
-Are there smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and a fire blanket in the kitchen?

-It is important that you make an evacuation plan and that you show your guests upon arrival the escape routes. Check at all times that the escape routes provide free access.

-Buy an escape ladder when needed: Suppose that because of the fire your evacuation plan is no longer realistic, then an escape ladder is an excellent way of escaping out a window.

-When you are offering part of your house and use a night lock at night, ensure that the key either remains in the lock or at an easily recognizable place near the lock, for example in a red key cabinet with glass door.

-Give guests the emergency number 112.

For more information: brandweer and www.veiligheid.nl

What should I do when guests want to stay for a shorter period than the one reserved?

The amount due upon arrival remains the same. Leaving earlier gives no right to restitution. Notify CityMundo of the days that become free so that the agenda can be amended.
+31(0)20 4705 705
[email protected]

What should I do when guests want to remain for a longer period than the one reserved?

The guests will have to pay extra. Contact CityMundo, so that we can extend the reservation.

What should I do when guests have complaints?

When guests have real cause for complaint, try to resolve this immediately. Should that for any reason be difficult or impossible, or when it is not really clear what the complaint is, contact CityMundo.

May I ask guests to write a review?

You don’t really have to. We send every guest after their stay an e-mail with an invitation to write a review.