Ein- und Auschecken

How will I know when the guests are to arrive?

You will find the details of the reservations on your personal page. You will find among other information the time of arrival. The guests have an hour leeway, so their arrival time will be for example: from 12:00 to 13:00 hour.

You will also see whether they are to arrive by air, rail or road. If they are arriving by air the flight number will often be given. You can check on www.schiphol.nl to see whether and if so what time the flight arrived. In general guests should be at your house one hour after touchdown at Schiphol.


How should I receive the guests?

At the time agreed you should be waiting for the guest. The guests know that someone will be waiting for them in the accommodation at the time agreed. If they are unable to be there on time, they should warn you or CityMundo in good time.

The guests will upon arrival pay you the amount due in cash.
They know that is what has been agreed. If they for whatever reason do not have the cash with them, direct them to the nearest bank so that they can then complete this financial transaction.

It is worth informing the guests of the domestic details of the house.

Make an appointment for the time at which the guests are to relinquish the accommodation.
It is reasonable that people should have until 11 a.m. to relinquish the premises. You can then come along, take the key back and inspect the house.

What should I do when the guests are late?

Try to contact them or call CityMundo.
When the period of arrival has gone by and you have to leave, inform CityMundo of what has happened.

Guests will in all cases be informed by CityMundo that they must abide by the arrival time agreed. They understand therefore that they may otherwise be admitted only much later on the day of arrival.

What if I cannot be present to receive the guests?

If you are at any time unable, ask somebody else whom you trust and who is familiar with your house to receive the guests.

If you are to be away for a longer period of time, do you have anyone who, apart from the reception of guests, can already arrange cleaning between two reservations, and can serve as communication point for CityMundo and the guests? This is certainly no sinecure and more than a neighbourly gesture.

If you don’t know anybody who would be able to do this, we may be able to help. We know enough people who have experience of cleaning and reception.

How many keys should I give to the guests?

sleutelMake sure that you have more than one set of keys. One set is generally enough, but sometimes people want to visit the city independently of one another and need an extra set.

How do I arrange a check-in and a checkout on the same day?

Ask the guests who are departing if they will check out before 11:00 hour. If the arrival time of the new guests is before 11:00 hour contact CityMundo. We shall tell the new guests that they can arrive between 11:00 and 12: 00 hour to leave their bags, to pay and collect the keys, but that the accommodation still has to be cleaned.

What should I do if more people arrive than accounted for on the reservation form?

Contact CityMundo immediately for advice. You may be willing to accept those extra guests, in which case a new reservation will be booked and extra payment will have to be made. If you are unwilling or unable to accept the extra guests, CityMundo may be able to find them alternative accommodation.

How do I know if I can trust guests?

You may ask the guests upon arrival to identify themselves by means of their passport or driving license.

When placing reservations on the website the guests will fill in their address and the deposit payment will be made by credit card. The guests also give their passport number.
This is not a guarantee but it does mean that something is known of the guest.

You can set a security deposit on your personal page.
Make sure that you put away valuable items. Damage may occur inadvertently.

If you feel that something isn’t right contact CityMundo.

What should I do when, while guests are staying, something is damaged?

If guests have caused damage, estimate the costs of repair or replacement and have the guests pay that immediately. For anything larger or if you cannot reach agreement with your guests, call CityMundo.

Should you detect damage after the guests have left, contact CityMundo for advice.

Does my household contents or building insurance cover damage that is caused by guests?

That will depend on the terms and conditions of the policy. You should contact your insurer.

Guests, when they cause damage and are insured (legal liability) for such event, should be able to seek recourse by means of a payment from their insurer.

Are the guests expected to clean the accommodation?

Guests are not expected to clean for the next guests. What is expected however is that they leave the accommodation neat and tidy. It is helpful in this connection to make a range of detergents available, for example multiclean, washing up liquid, clean sponges and dishcloths, dustpan and brush, vacuum cleaner and refuse bags.
Tell the guest when the rubbish is to be collected and where they should deposit it or where the bins are.

What are the arrangements for checking out?

You can agree with the guests that you will come on the day of their departure at a particular time to collect the key and if everything is in order, to return the security deposit.