Ihr Aufenthalt in Amsterdam

Arrival In Amsterdam

How do the check-in and the checkout work?

When you make your reservation you will indicate your time of arrival at the accommodation.
This time will be noted on the reservation form.The host counts on your arriving at the appointed time.
sleutelsYou pay upon arrival the amount still due in cash together with any security deposit applying. You can ask your host for a receipt for this payment.
You will then receive the keys.

Make sure that you are on time because if you are late the host may have left to attend another appointment and you may then have to wait a long time before someone comes to let you in.

If you want to change the time of arrival contact the host or CityMundo in good time.
Remember: you can’t pay the host with a credit card.

Checkout is normally at about 11:00 hour. 
Agree when you arrive the time at which you want to check out on the day that you leave.

What should I do if I am delayed?

Contact the host or CityMundo as soon as possible. We can then agree a new time of arrival.

Remember that somebody is just waiting for you. It is different from a hotel where there is lobby staff.

What should I do if I can’t reach the host?

Contact CityMundo.
You can do that by mail or phone:
+31(0)20 4705 705
[email protected] Leave a message if you’re put on voicemail and we will call you back as soon as we can.

How to travel from Schiphol to the accommodation?

There is with the reservation form an information form. It will tell you the best way to travel by public transport from Schiphol Airport to the accommodation.

See also our youtube film on how to travel by train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central.
There is also a website for Dutch public transport to which you can refer: 
You can also take a taxi to your address.
Another option is Tuan, he picks up or brings you to Schiphol for a flat rate of € 25.00 (one way). Call +31 (6) 48 75 05 95.

Is parking easy in Amsterdam?

Parking in Amsterdam is expensive. It is a small city and for this reason the municipality discourages the use of cars in the middle of the city. 
(Practically) none of the accommodations has its own garage.

Because Amsterdam is so small you don’t really need a car. The distances involved can be covered easily by bicycle or on foot, or they are easy to reach by public transport.

Even at night there are buses that operate from dusk to dawn. 

If you really want to come by car, use P+R. These are carparks on the periphery or in the suburbs of the city.

Public transport is always close and favourably priced.
You will be in the centre of Amsterdam in no time. 
Parking on a P+R location costs only € 1.- or €8.- per 24 hours, with a maximum parking time of 96 hours.

During your stay

What should I understand by ‘house rules’?

All accommodation offered by CityMundo, whether it’s an independent house, a studio or a room in a house, is privately owned. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect this hospitality and take any eventual house rules into consideration.

Don’t disturb the neighbours. 

Amsterdam houses generally have thin walls. Please remember that if you return home late in the evening. 

Keep the house tidy, clear rubbish and wash the dishes before you go.

What should I do if I have complaints about the accommodation?

Contact CityMundo as soon as possible.
+31(0)20 4705 705
[email protected]
We will make sure that your complaints are satisfactorily resolved.

Remember, if you don’t complain no one will know that there is something that is not right. 

If you complain only after you have left, you’ll be too late and we won’t be able to do any more for you.

Write a review

reviewAfter your stay we shall send you a mail asking whether you would be prepared to write a review. We very much want to hear how you experienced your stay. You can also express your opinion by a star rating.

If you had complaints about the accommodation we would have like to have heard those during your stay, so that we could have done something about them. A review is not a complaint form.