My guests

May I indicate how many guests I should like to have per reservation?

Yes, you may indicate whether you would like a maximum of 2, 3 or 4 persons.
When you have one guest, he/she will pay the same as for two.
When you indicate a maximum of three or four persons, you will also receive reservations for one or two persons.

Why is there a limit of 4 persons for the number of guests per reservation?

The law states that private accommodation may accept a maximum of 4 guests for overnight accommodation.


May I indicate whether I take children or domestic pets?

Yes, you may indicate that on your personal page.

May I indicate whether guests are allowed to smoke on the premises or not?

Yes, you may indicate that on your personal page.

How do I know whether I can trust my guests?

You can you ask the guests upon arrival to identify themselves with their passport or driving license.

When making a reservation on the website the guest will fill in his/her address and a deposit is made by credit card. The guest also gives his/her passport number.
This is not a guarantee but it means that something is known of the guest.

You may also set a security deposit on your personal page.
Ensure that you put away your valuable possessions. Damage may result accidentally.

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