Offering my property

When you have an apartment, a houseboat or a B&B in Amsterdam you can place your accommodation online free of charge:


Why present your property via CityMundo?

CityMundo is a small private rental agency with twenty years’ experience of the Amsterdam market. Our reservations system is automated, but the approach we adopt is personal.


We know the “in’s and out’s” in Amsterdam and are always near at hand to advise and support you.

We maintain a favourable fee for hosts; moreover, the longer the reservation, the lower the fee.

There are many more reasons for engaging CityMundo, for example:
– the agenda that you may link to other agendas,
– set your own prices
– high- and low season prices,
– you own clearly presented home page that we provide on which you can track reservations and adjust settings.

We only offer accommodation when we are certain that the information on the site is correct. What we offer is from private residents and not from people who remove residential accommodation from normal use. We stand in this sense for responsible use of urban accommodation and not for its waste.

We are very well informed of the municipal regulations applying to property and able to advise you accordingly.
During the twenty years that we have been providing accommodation, never, not once, has a CityMundo accommodation been subjected to an eviction order or judged to be an illegal hotel!

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Who can offer his or her house via CityMundo?

Anybody who wants to offer his house or houseboat in Amsterdam from time to time, or has vacant accommodation (B&B) in his or her home is welcome.

You can contact us for free advice
or make an appointment for a free home visit.

If you prefer that CityMundo lists your accommodation for you, please contact us:

email CityMundo
or call: +31 (0) 20 4705 705

You can also sign up your space yourself

Would you like to offer your houseboat?


offering my houseboat

Benefit from our experience!

If you have a houseboat in Amsterdam and you want to rent out to tourists, or if you have a B & B on a houseboat,
list your boat with CityMundo. We have 20 years experience in making reservations for Amsterdam houseboats.

Except that we have a lot of experience, we are also very well found on the web.
We have currently more demand than supply for Amsterdam houseboats.
If you want a lot of reservations, please register with us.

• your boat online very easily
• non-binding price recommendation
• low fee
• many bookings
• protected privacy
• extensive exposure
• enthusiastic customers
• 24/7 support

We have used the past winter months to renew our website.

• connect your calendar with other calendars
• non-binding price recommendation

• you will have access to an advanced reservation system.
• All settings are easy to operate.
• you always have an understanding of bookings and financial statements.
• for new bookings you will automatically receive an e-mail or SMS.


For 20 years now a concept in rental of Amsterdam houseboats!
We are known for our personal contact with hosts and guests,
our good accessibility and reliability.

1e jaar geen fee
1st year no fee
Step aboard at CityMundo!
If you register your houseboat before 1 april’15, our service will be

Then our favorable fees apply of 7.5 to 9%

[email protected] • 020 4 705 705

What may be offered?

What kind of accommodation may I offer?

Any kind of accommodation, from apartments, houseboats and studios to rooms and B&B’s.

You can offer your own home when you’re away for a bit. For that you do not require a permit as you yourself are the principal resident.


May I offer property outside Amsterdam?

Right now we offer only Amsterdam within the ring but we have plans to extend this area in the near future.

May I also offer on other sites?

Of course.
However, we work only with ‘immediate reservation’, which means that, when the accommodation is marked free on the agenda, the reservation can be made immediately without our having to ask for permission. This shortens the booking process and leads therefore to more reservations.

We provide the possibility of linking the agenda to other agendas, which means that all of the agendas can be updated simultaneously.

How do I get started with offering my accommodation?

Can I personally place my accommodation online?

Yes, you can, start here:

Can CityMundo place my accommodation online for me?

Yes, we are happy to do so and will do it free of charge.

Before adding the accommodation to our records we will make an appointment to meet you, to look over the accommodation and to make photographs and a short film. We will then add the accommodation together with a promotional text in four languages and the visual material.
You decide the period on the agenda during which the accommodation is free and then the booking can start.

Please contact us or phone us at +31 (0)6 11 44 08 52 to make an appointment.

Are there obligations that I have to fulfil?

Are there legal regulations that I am required to meet?

Yes, Amsterdam has regulations for short lets:
These distinguish three situations:

Holiday rental:
You are the principal resident and do not require a permit.

You are extending hospitality to your guests and do not require a permit.

Short stay:
There is no principal resident and in that case a permit is required.

The Municipality of Amsterdam writes in this connection this:

Generally speaking you may not without a hotel permit offer accommodation to more than 4 persons.
You are responsible for meeting the regulations.


What are the terms and conditions by which I may offer via CityMundo?

The engagements that you undertake with CityMundo will be established in a contract.

CityMundo works only with ‘immediate booking’. This means that when the agenda is open at CityMundo, the booking can be made immediately without our having to ask prior permission. This streamlines the booking process and results therefore in more reservations.
We offer the possibility of synchronising the agenda with other agendas.


When do I conclude this contract with CityMundo?

As soon as your accommodation has been loaded onto our website and you activate your agenda you may download the contract. After reading the terms and conditions, click on ‘accept’. Your contract then comes into force, bookings can be taken and you will be given access to your personal page.

May I see the contract?

Yes, you can download an example here

How long does the contract remain in effect?

For an indeterminate period.
The contract may of course be terminated and you quite naturally are entitled, even when the contract is in force, to withdraw temporarily your accommodation from rental.
Reservations that have already been made will naturally be honoured and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

How do I terminate the contract?

By closing the agenda for good and informing CityMundo.
Reservations that have already been made will naturally be honoured and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Are there are other regulations to be taken into account?

When you live in rented accommodation you will need permission from the landlord.
In the case of home ownership there may be a home owners’ association, in which case the articles of association will determine whether holiday letting is allowed.

Do I need to register with the chamber of commerce?

The municipality prefers that you do, but the chamber of commerce does not. The best course of action is to call the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam: 020 5314000.

Are there any ‘unwritten rules’?

Always tell your next-door neighbours that you will be receiving guests via CityMundo. Give them a telephone number where you can be reached should they incur any inconvenience or in the event of anything untoward. This will allow your neighbours to take steps if they are inconvenienced and will also keep you informed of anything else that happens. The neighbours may of course call CityMundo at all times.