How will my accommodation be found?

When someone comes on site looking for accommodation, he/she will enter arrival and departure dates and number of guests. This will result in display of available accommodations. When your accommodation is free during the period requested it will appear in the result.

The result may then be filtered for smoking/non-smoking, district, price and type (apartments, houseboats etc.).

What steps are involved in making a reservation?

Guests make a reservation by clicking on the button ‘’book now’ on the page of your accommodation.

You will at that moment receive an e-mail or an sms, to tell you that a reservation is in progress. We ask for your confirmation that you have received this mail (or sms) so that we know that you have seen the reservation.

The days reserved are now blocked on the agenda.

Guests are now given time to complete their details and to make a deposit payment to CityMundo. This may sometimes take a little longer when guests still have to book a flight or if they want to discuss the reservation with their travelling companions.
You may not unblock the agenda in this case because the agenda was open for reservations. Keep a watchful eye on your agenda; reservations may be made at night and during evenings and weekends. You can pair your calendar to other calendars, to avoid mistakes. The manual can be found on your personal page.

As soon as the guests have paid their deposit you will receive a second e-mail with a reservation form containing all the information with regard to the reservation.
Part of the form can be ripped off and is intended as receipt of payment for the guest.

The guests will at that point receive all the details that they require.

Sometimes guests will fail to make a deposit and then the reservation will not materialize and the nights reserved on the agenda will be unblocked.

Is it possible for me to change the minimum and maximum number of nights per reservation?

Guests may on the website reserve from 2 to 21 nights. You can indicate on your personal page whether you accept a minimum of 2 or 3 nights per reservation.
The maximum can also be changed. The standard setting is minimum 3 and maximum 21 nights.

How do I know that a reservation is imminent?

You will always receive an e-mail when there is a reservation on the way. If the reservation is for the same day we shall contact you to see whether it is possible for you to accept.

After a booking has been made can I refuse the reservation?

As soon as you have received notice by mail of an imminent reservation (the first e-mail), you may no longer close the dates required. They are after all being kept free for this reservation.

There is one exception and that is for last minutes: when the reservation that we give you is to begin on that same day, we shall call you to see if it is possible and to agree the time of arrival.

You can, if you want to, link your agenda.

Where can I find my reservations?

You will find all your reservations on your personal page.

Where can I find the contact details of my guests?

When you click on the reservations on the agenda on your personal page the information on guests will be displayed.
You will see name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, flight details, hour of arrival and the amount they are due to pay upon arrival.

What happens when a guest cancels?

If the cancellation is less that 7 days (7×24 hours) prior to the anticipated date of arrival of the guest CityMundo will pay you a cancellation fee. The agenda will be reopened.

When a deposit payment has been made and CityMundo has been informed that the cancellation is eight days or more prior to the anticipated date of arrival of the guest, the agenda will be reopened. The cancellation reimbursement arrangements will then not apply.

When no deposit has been paid and you have not received a reservation form by e-mail, the guests may cancel free of charge. The cancellation reimbursement arrangements will then not apply.

What happens in the event of a ’no show‘?

When there is no cancellation and the guests fail to appear this constitutes a ’no show‘. Contact CityMundo immediately. The guests are in this case required to pay the full amount. If they do not pay, the CityMundo regulations for cancellation reimbursement shall apply.

What are the CityMundo regulations for cancellation reimbursement?

When the guest has cancelled with CityMundo less than 7 days (7×24 hours) prior to the anticipated day of arrival, CityMundo will reimburse you.
The reimbursement will be calculated per night and is 25% of what the guest would have paid you.
The nights to which reimbursement applies shall fall within at most 10 days from the date on which the cancellation was made. The maximum reimbursement shall be for seven nights.

When you close the agenda days involved or when for one or more of those nights a reservation is later made, entitlement to reimbursement will be withdrawn in its entirety.

What if you really can’t accept a reservation?

It may arise that circumstances beyond your control prevent your accepting a reservation. Contact CityMundo and tell us about it. We may be able to find a solution to your problem.

It is of course not a circumstance beyond your control if you have forgotten to close your agenda!
If that happens CityMundo can of course cancel the reservation but you will then be sent the bill. See the general terms….

We want to avoid situations where guests are told that their reservation will not go through.